Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faith in the Fish Bowl of a Suffering Child

Faith in the Fish Bowl of a Suffering Child 
By Candace Segrove 

Few people can understand 
The constant torture of the soul 
That is endured by a parent 
Watching, waiting, watching, waiting 
Your child suffering into the night 
Fearing the morning light 
Or what a new horizon may bring 
The ways you learn to overcome
The daily gnawing of your heart
Of unanswered questions
And incurable disease and disorder
How can faith begin to compensate
For the courage you have to muster
Just to hold your baby
perhaps a moment longer
And hold back your tears,
so you can live
And just function
And give all your love to this child
Wonderful child
To pray... yet, another prayer
Wave upon waves of unending prayers...
To feed them
and clean them
And serve them each hour
And still believe in Gods power
To intervene in miraculous ways
That is the type of faith that is tried by fire and sticks like glue
Not many people will understand
Nor be able to do
What you do ... What we do
But i still believe, if I reach deep down
God must see every sacrifice
and each tear in the night?
Each time that I cry?
Each question and each "why"
And each time I choose to believe
In a God that is present and loving and wise
Who still loves us when it seems
He has turned aside
From looking at us
Kept His favor from us
Finding it harder and harder to trust
Swimming in pain
no escaping the routine
The cycle of heartbreak and exhaustion that each day brings
The innocence of a face that glows everywhere it goes
As if there is something beyond what we know
I'm searching for treasure
as each shipwrecked day starts
But I'm finding that Hope
is as rare as gold in these parts

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