Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yesterday, Edmond had surgery to have a G Tube placed. This will be helpful to him in a number of ways. 

It will significantly reduce his risk for aspiration, 
give him the daily hydration his body needs, 
provide relief from his ongoing constipation issues, 
provide a sure way to give him nutrition, 
provide a sure way to give him his medication, 
alleviate the stress that feeding time puts on him and on us, 
allow us to focus on letting feeding time be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. 

Now the task at hand is to get him healed up and to learn how to operate the G Tube feed machine and how to administer fluids safely to him through his G Tube. Doctors and specialists, as well as parents of Lissencephaly children have assured us that this was the best thing to do for Edmond and will be a better quality of life for him as well as for our family. We are looking forward to using his G Tube in our everyday life. If Edmond is able to develop better eating skills in the future, we are always able to take the G Tube out if he can do well without it. 

Edmond is so wonderful and easy to love. We love him to pieces. He's just been sleeping a whole lot since the procedure, but I expect him to have double energy once he is healed up well. 

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