Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peekaboo My Love

Peekaboo My Love
By Candace 

Peekaboo my love…
…but you were the surprise,
We had to change our tune
To all our lullabies

We thought that you would walk
We thought that you would sing
We never thought they’d tell us
Not to hope for anything

Not anything?
We thought this could not be
We racked our brains and searched our hearts
And prayed ourselves to sleep

If only a thousand kisses a day would cure you
You’d be even better than our prayers
We always wanted to be special
But not this special…not this rare.

We count our blessings
And count each seizure …one by one
We hold you tightly in our arms
When there’s nothing to be done

Each day I wonder how much longer
Will you be here by my side?
How many kisses can I give you?
How many tears will we cry?

How many years will we have to live,
Being stronger than we ever thought?
How many meds will they give us for you?
How many doctors will we have fought?

I now know how it feels
To love unconditionally
To be proud of my child
Thought they can’t walk, speak, or see

Though you can’t run into my arms
And say, “I love you too…”
One day son, we will take a walk together
Where everything will be new

We won’t need bodies and brains
Or this word… “neurology”
I’ll melt into your hug…
And whisper, “I was your Mommy” 

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