Friday, May 4, 2012

New Medication

Edmond started Topamax today in addition to his twice daily dose of Keppra. Topamax is a sprinkle pill, so we sprinkle it in his food and feed it to him. I often have to remind myself that adults who have seizures say that they dont feel pain during their episodes, they are just weak afterward and feel like they had blacked out suddenly and don't remember the seizure. (Please correct me if anyone reading this has seizures and this is inacurrate, this is what I've been told). Although the seizures are hard on Edmond's body, they do not cause him pain, it's almost harder on us to watch him go through them. We need continued grace for him in the aftermath of the seizures. He had 7 seizures on Tuesday, 20 plus seizures on Wednesday, and today only 6, but still convulsions. He also threw up during one of this seizures because he was in the middle of a baby food feeding. Dehydration can become an issue when vomiting accompanies his seizures so we have to be watchful of his fluid intake. Fortunately he has been taking bottle well ever since this vomit incidence and soiling his diapers well too. Vomiting can also lead to aspiration and infections so while he is having this seizure storm we need to be vigilant about helping him to be comfortable and safe while having seizures, turning him on his side... etc. He is still eating well when he has awake time, so that has been good. He is doing better today. Hoping to get the seizures under control soon.

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