Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Edmond is doing so much better. Yay!

Edmond turned 10 months yesterday and is doing so much better. He is on a secondary medication that has significantly decreased the seizures since Friday. Hopefully they will disappear again and give him a real break. Still asking God for supernatural intervention, daily. Still believing God is with us and for us and watching over our son everyday.  Edmond had really good alert time today while getting physical therapy. The therapist and I talked about how well he is starting to grasp, this is a huge milestone for him. He is also focusing a great deal more over the past few weeks as well as tracking too. I even caught him looking at one of his hands briefly the other day, that is a huge deal too. In other good news, I found this little medication dispenser that has a bottle nipple on it, and using it today made it super easier to give him his Keppra. Wish I had known about this months ago, but glad to have it now. I also found a swimming program that we can take both Eden and Edmond too at the Janet Pomeroy Center. Eden's already started going and she loves it. We can't wait to get Edmond in the water.

I finally brought myself to look up other websites for children with lissencephaly. This was a huge step for mommy, and I'm proud of myself (pat on my back). Reading about mommies and daddies going through the same fears and hopes that we are was good for me. We are all... just living life like everybody, one day, one step at a time.


Samanda said...

Still believing, praying along with you. Love you guys.

pat on back, hug and a squeeze for you.

Anonymous said...

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