Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eye Doctor Appointment

Edmond had his first eye doctor appointment today and it was overall positive.  The doctor agreed that he appears to be tracking momentarily, (objects, people) and responded consistently to the lights being turned on and off. She stated it was especially good that his optical nerves appear to be very healthy (brain conditions often cause damage to these nerves which could indicate vision problems) but Edmond's optical nerves look really good! She said that Edmond is really farsighted, (farsighted is normal for babies, but Edmond was more farsighted than normal). She also noticed that when shining light into his eyes, he doesn't readily blink in response which the doctor would like to see. Edmond's eyes shake or twitch at times, it's called astygmus? I think. Well she said that it is a good sign that they only shake right to left and not up and down. Edmond also smiled 4 times for me today, which was a great part of the day for me, the other great part was listening to Eden cracking herself up playing hide and seek. Here's Edmond on our way to the appointment, in his bear hat that Grandma Jennifer bought him.


Sharon said...

I'm so glad you created this blog, so we all can follow the miracle that is Edmond.

Samanda said...

I love the update! And I can't wait to witness the smiles xoxoxo